"Zipper-Fracked" Horizontal Cotton Valley Wells Connected


Two wells were completed on acreage dedicated to Orion with a "zipper-frack". Orion was able to provide high pressure service for the combined initial flow exceeding 14.0 MMCFD. Orion's large diameter pipeline has ample capacity for additional gas as drilling continues in this area.

Orion Passes Milestone


Cumulative throughput through Orion systems passed 75 BCF in January, 2018. Management stated, "our commitment to East Texas has been rewarded with consistent year-over-growth for the past decade. In that time, we have connected over 400 wells and look forward to crossing the 100 BCF threshold."

Horizontal Cotton Valley Well Connected


Orion provided a free tap and meter to allow receipts from a producer's horizontal Cotton Valley sand well. Initial production was over 5.5 MMCFD, and the gas is committed to Orion through 2024.

Ventura Connected to New Market


Orion has constructed 2,800' of high pressure pipeline to connect its Ventura System to a new downstream market with improved net-backs for system producers.

Jenkins System connect to P2


Orion has acquired one mile of pipeline and laid an additional 3,750' of new line to connect its Jenkins system to the much larger P2 System  Due to economies of scale, this will greatly reduce the compression expenses of the Jenkins System producers. Also, an improvement in downstream economics further enhances the net prices received by these producers.

System Placed into Service


Orion has complete conversion of a recently acquired liquids line to natural gas service. The Cherokee System is now transporting gas from Neches Field to a market 35 miles away, providing a processing upgrade for this 5.2 GPM gas.

Orion Connects 23 Wells


Orion constructed and placed into service a 6,200' lateral, connecting 1,200 MCFD from a producer's common point for 23 wells.  Orion's footprint has grown to include over 150 miles of gathering in East Texas.

Orion Acquires Lateral from Intrastate


Orion acquired a one mile lateral from an intrastate pipeline and laid 2,400' of new line to connect to Orion's low pressure Ventura System.  This added 14 wells from two producers.

Producers Add Three New Horizontal Cotton Valley Wells


Two producers drilled and connected three new horizontal Cotton Valley wells to Orion systems in Panola and Rusk Counties, Texas.  All three wells were drilled on acreage previously dedicated to Orion, helping the company set a monthly average throughput record of 39,363 MCFD for gathered gas.

Basa and HRB Connect to Orion


Basa Resources and HRB Operating have switched additional Panola County wells from a competing gatherer to Orion.  Both producers were attracted by our free costs of connection and an existing favorable realtionship with Orion.

Chinn Exploration to Add Wells in 2015


Chinn Exploration will be adding 11 wells to Orion's P1 System in the second quarter of 2015. Orion will bear all connection costs, and Chinn hopes to see improved production and lower operating costs.

Continental Land & Fur Adds Horizontal Cotton Valley Well


Contintental Land & Fur has dedicated its Ragle #1 horizontal Cotton Valley well to Orion's Ventura System.

Memorial Resources Commits 13 Wells


Orion has connected 13 wells to its P2 system for Memorial Resources. Orion was able to improve their net prices received by providing lower cost compression and an attractive processing arrangement.

Second Horizontal Cotton Valley Well Added


A large independent has completed its second horizontal cotton valley well on an Orion system in Rusk County. Orion is providing gas gathering and compression services.

Continental Land & Fur Selects Orion


Continental Land & Fur is now delivering gas from nine wells on two leases into Orion's Jenkins Gathering System in Panola County. As part of this transaction, Orion constructed a line connecting two existing CL&F gathering systems and conveyed this line to CL&F.

East Texas Producer Commits 12 Wells


Basa Resources has tied 12 wells at 3 common points to Orion systems in Panola County, Texas. Orion laid new 6- and 4-inch lines to tie in this gas production. An important consideration for the producer was the full suite of gathering services and state-of-the-art telemetry service offered by Orion.

Orion Connects Horizontal Cotton Valley Wells for Large Independent


Orion Pipeline was selected to provide gas gathering and compression services for a large independent drilling horizontal Cotton Valley wells in Rusk County, Texas. The first of these wells comes on line in October with several more to follow. New 8-inch line was constructed and an existing compression facility was enlarged for this project.

Orion Connects New Well for Cross Creek Energy


Orion Pipeline has connected Cross Creek Energy's Crawford #1 into its P-1 System. This vertical Cotton Valley well is flowing a sustained 1,300 MCFD. The producer is receiving a processing upgrade and is not required to dehy their gas, helping keep operating costs down. Orion's Panola/Rusk systems gather gas from over 300 wells.

Orion Completes 13-Mile Expansion


Orion Pipeline has completed construction of its 13-mile “Running Man” lateral.  This line went into service on October 1, 2012, adding 5,000 MCFD from six producers.  Producers were attracted by Orion’s low cost of service and processing upgrade.  With the completion of this project, Orion’s Panola and Rusk County assets now comprise 88 miles.  These lines cover most of western Panola County and significant portions of northern Rusk County. 

Orion Pipeline Connects Preston Wells


Orion Pipeline is laying an 8-inch line to production operated by Preston Exploration and two other producers near Tatum, Texas.  This line will tie their production into Orion’s P-1 system, providing access to improved processing economics.

Orion Enters into Compression Agreement


Orion Pipeline has leased six Cat-3516 ULB compressors for its Panola County systems.  This brings total operated compression over 10,000 HP in Panola County.

Orion Pipeline Connects Ironwood Wells


Ironwood Oil & Gas has connected wells to Orion Pipeline’s Ventura system in Rusk County.  The wet gas service and processing upgrade offered by Orion made this deal attractive to Ironwood.

Orion Pipeline Connects Sundown Wells


Orion Pipeline’s P-1 system throughput has increased by 2,000 MCFD with the connection of wells operated by Sundown Energy in Panola County.

Orion Pipeline Connects System to MarkWest Plant


Orion Pipeline announced construction of 2.1 miles of high-pressure 10-inch to connect its P-2 system to MarkWest’s Panola County Plant.  This project will provide a third outlet for this system. 

Orion Pipeline Connects Quantum Well


Orion Pipeline has completed construction of a lateral from its Ventura System to wells operated by Quantum Resources.  Orion’s low cost of compression made this deal attractive for the producer.

Orion Pipeline Completes Gathering Systems for Comstock


Orion Pipeline has completed construction of two gathering systems in Rusk County, Texas.  These systems gather gas for Comstock Resources for redelivery into a processing market.  One system consists of 2.5 miles of 6-inch pipe connecting gas to Orion’s Ventura Gathering System.  It began flowing November, 2011.  The other is 2.3 miles of 8-inch pipe that began service January, 2012.

Orion Pipeline Connects Production for El Paso


Orion Pipeline has connected gas in Panola County for El Paso E&P Company.  The production was tied into Orion’s Dotson System which offers separator overhead service and a processing upgrade.

Orion Pipeline Connects Haynesville Shale Well


 Orion Pipeline has connected a Haynesville Shale gas well to its P-1 System in Panola County.  Initial flow rates were over 10,000 MCFD.  Orion’s P-1 System offers low cost gathering service with a processing upgrade. With a C2+ GPM of 2.2 for this Haynesville well made processing economics attractive.

Orion Pipeline Hits 20,000 MCFD in Gathering



Orion Pipeline’s various gathering systems have passed 20,000 MCFD in throughput.  Gas has been attracted to Orion’s systems because of the higher prices that result from processing upgrades and the full suite of gathering services reduce operating expenses.


Orion Pipeline Acquires Rusk County Gathering System



Orion Pipeline announced the acquisition of a gathering system in Rusk County, Texas.  Orion Plans to disconnect this system from its current downstream market and tie-in to another market in order to achieve higher prices.  The system will also be converted to provide wet gas service and a processing upgrade.  


Orion Pipeline Completes P2 System



Orion Pipeline announced the completion of its P2 Gathering System in Panola County, Texas.  Consisting of 10 miles of 10- and 8-inch pipe, this system was “built to order” for an active East Texas Producer.  The system features 3,600 H.P. compression with a flexible header design that allows re-sizing and maintenance without shut-ins.


Orion Reaches $1 Billion in Gas Purchases


Orion Pipeline announced that is has reached the milestone of a billion dollars in gas purchases since inception. Management stated "our focus on customer service and consistent high prices has resulted in not just our success, but also the success of our outstanding producer clients."

Orion Pipeline Completes 8-mile Lateral


Orion Pipeline announced the completion of its Hemby Lateral.  This line consists of 8 miles of 8-inch pipeline.  It connects 6,000 MCFD of new production into Orion’s P1 system.  The three producers on the Hemby Lateral have greatly reduced operating costs as they no longer need compressors, dehydration units, or J-T plants.  Furthermore, the processing upgrade offered by Orion has improved their wellhead price.

Orion Pipeline Acquires Cherokee County System


Orion Pipeline announced the acquisition of gathering system in Cherokee County, Texas.  The system provides low pressure, wet gas service at Percy Wheeler Field.  Gas is treated for hydrocarbon dew point with a J-T plant.  Orion’s involvement helped an existing client complete the acquisition of the associated wells.

Orion Pipeline Acquires Second Panola County System



Orion Pipeline announced the acquisition of an 8- and 4-inch pipeline from another gatherer.  This system currently gathers 700 MCFD from a single producer.  One mile of new line will be laid to connect this system to Orion’s previously acquired Panola County assets, greatly reducing operating costs for the producers while providing a processing upgrade.


Orion Pipeline Acquires Panola County System



Orion Pipeline announced the acquisition of an 8-inch pipeline system from an interstate pipeline.  This system currently gathers 3,400 MCFD from four producers.  This system will be converted to provide a full suite of gathering services and a processing upgrade.  The company believes these changes will allow it to attract additional volumes.


Orion Pipeline Acquires Freestone County System


Orion Pipeline announced the acquisition of a gathering system in Freestone County, Texas.  Orion plans to switch downstream markets to obtain a higher wellhead price for the producers on the system.  Orion will offer dehydration and compression services.

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